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Spain is very tolerant of homosexuality reflected in the fact that homosexuality was legalised as long ago as 1822. In the last decade Spain has passed very progressive legislation protecting the rights of gays and lesbians.
There is also a vibrant and thriving gay scene not only in many of the larger cities like Madrid, Barcelona and Seville but also in the resorts including  Las Palmas, Ibiza and Benidorm. Spain is the ideal destination for gays and lesbians seeking sex, sand and sun...  

The criminal law contains no discriminatory provisions affecting the lesbian and gay population and no distinction is drawn between homo and heterosexual acts. Whilst the Constitution does not specifically prohibit discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation the wording is broad and the courts have held that the wording "or whatever other social or personal circumstance" includes sexual orientation.

In 1995 Spain banned discrimination based on sexual orientation and created new hate-crime laws. Ratifying a new Penal Code, the legislators declared the right to express one’s sexual orientation a fundamental freedom and prohibited sexual-orientation-based discrimination in housing, employment, public services and professional activities. Gays are not banned from the military.

No partnership law is in force at the federal level; some laws cover lesbians and gays and same-sex partnerships, but with a very limited focus . The matter of discussion in Spain has mainly been granting some kind of legal status for unmarried couples both heterosexual and same-sex partnerships. The states of Catalan and Arragon have both passed Domestic Partnership Bills which include same sex couples but such laws are limited regulating the mutual obligations between private persons and not between such individuals and the governments.  
Gay Benidorm
Bear Bar   Bears' Bar   Plaza de la Constitución     22:00-04:00    Bar for Bears.  
Café Refuel   San Pedro, 10    966831010   09:00-19:00   Terrace bar/café overlooking Poniente beach.  
Café Lola   Opposite Don Juan     Successful new bar. New 2009  
Caspers   San Miguel, s/n   965853946   10:00-02:00   Small, cosy bar. Food by day. Video bar by night.  
Company   San Miguel, 16   650859268   20:00-02:00   More of a Bear crowd now, but open to all.  
Domino   Martinez Oriola, 15   965854476   21:00-02:00   Also open afternoons. Pool table, terrace.  
Dream Benidorm    Alicante, 23   965865555    20:00-04:00   Luxurous bar. Very opulent furnishings.  
El Papagayo   Alicante, 11    22:00-03:30   Says 'Parrot Bar' outside. Small bar. Colonial flavour.  
Leather/Fetish Bar   Eros   Santa Faz, 24    23:00-04:00   Leather bar, Darkroom.  
Incognito   Uruguay    21:00-02:00   Mature men's bar. Dance floor. Video room.  
Intimate English   Calle la Palma    21:30-late   Karaoke bar. Drag.  
J.J.'s   Uruguay   966805660   16:00-late   Mainly older crowd. Pool table. Dark room.  
Klee Kafee    Del Pal, 9   965856476   16:00-02:00   Open fronted pub & cabaret bar. Street terrace.  
Lovers Pub   Dels Cuatre Cantons, 3      22:00-04:00   Very popular bar. Lots of TV screens with different things.  
Men Only   Dels Cuatre Cantons, 9    22:00-04:00   Mostly Bears and over 40s.  
Mercury   Alicante, 10   966806730   22:00-04:00   A popular, lively spot, but not 'til late. (2 am onwards)  
People   Santa Faz, 29   965860092   22:00-04:00   A popular bar most of the evening. Mixed ages.  
Peppermint   San Vincente, 11   965860789   22:00-04:00   Bar for real men. Love the waiter's tattoo. You will too!  
Rich Bitch   Del Pal      21:00-late   Show bar. Always full to capacity. Book in advance to get in.  
Roxy's Café/Bar   De La Palma     Café by day, music bar by night. New 2009  
Rumours   San Vicente, 16    10:00-16:00   Daytime café/bar.  
Sensación   Mayor, 18    13:00-02:00   Vary nice café/bar. Dark room. New 2009  
7th Heaven   Alicante,    21:00-late   Mixed. Late night drinking bar.  
The Honey Pot   la Palma 7   965854595    10:00-late   Intimate Café/Bar.  
The Look   Santa Faz, 12   966801689   23:00-04:00   Disco bar. Darkroom. Video lounge.  
Viva   Alicante, s/n      16:00-02:00   Man bar. Play room. Underwear parties on Sundays.  
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