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Essential Services
We have put together on this page just some of the essential services you may require while on holiday in Benidorm.
This is a Private Medical Practice which means you have to pay.

My wife who suffers from MS was taken ill while in Benidorm and I took her to this Medical Centre.  
The consultation fee was 50 euros. The treatment which lasted probably about 30-45 minutes was second to none. The female doctor (Josephine) spoke perfect English.  She told us to come back again the following day (no charge) and she re-dressed my wife’s foot. She made us promise to phone or write when we got back to the UK, to let her know how my wife was.
We both felt we had known this doctor for years instead of just a few hours.  If you need medical attention and are willing to pay, this Benidorm Medical Centre is highly recommended by us and now has the espana-resort.com sticker in the window.
They give you all the receipts for your treatment so if you have medical insurance you may be able to make a claim.
Centro Medico Salus  Anda Meditarraneo 64 Benidorm

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Essential Services  - Money Exchange
An Appeal To All Our Customers Past, Present and Future from
Elaine and all the staff at Sheila’s
Sheila’s British Money Exchange has been established for over 20 years in the Indoor Market, Benidorm.  Our reputation is second to none, with our friendly all British staff always ready to help with any queries.  Our honesty and reliability are beyond question.
Needless to say our ‘opposition’ are only too keen to copy our well established and familiar look.  You will see other exchange signs in our well known red and yellow colours.  You will also see our now  famous slogan “what you see is what you get” displayed outside other exchanges throughout Benidorm.
New exchanges are opening in our close vicinity hoping to cash-in on our reputation and tempt away our customers.  We are appealing to all our customers - past, present and future - to support us.  Remember that there are only TWO Sheila’s Exchanges, both inside the Indoor Market - and regardless of the colour of the sign and the slogans the most important thing to remember is that if it doesn’t say Sheila’s it’s not us!
Many thanks for taking the time to read this and we look forward to seeing you in the near future. At Sheila’s.
After getting ‘ripped off’ in the past  we take no chances now . espana-resort.com recommend Sheila’s and use them all the time. See our previous report on Benidorm Money Exchange Shops
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