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Marbella Great beaches, great climate (with an average temperature of 18.7 deg.C all the year), and a unique offer in sports, gastronomy and entertainment .

What formerly was just a small Andalusian fishing-village turned into one of the most exciting holiday resorts along the Mediterranean coast, one of the favourite places of the rich and beautiful and some who would like to be..

Marbella offers beautiful boulevards, parks and gardens, as well as those romantic narrow lanes in the best Moorish or Andalusian tradition that make Marbella's unmistakable personality.

During summer season you'll find here all the Rich and Famous and Beautiful, and even if, as a "normal" visitor, one is excluded of their private parties, you may enjoy seeing their luxury yachts and cars. And perhaps, in one of the discotheques of the better hotels, you will be elbow to elbow with a film star or another prominent personage. Anyhow, everyone will get entertained here ...

In the centre of town you may enjoy the contrast between the structures of international top tourism with the ambience of a small Spanish town. On Plaza de los Naranjos and in the narrow streets close to it there are beautiful summer-terraces, very often with the additional attraction of performances by international top bands.

Marbella´s architectural layout, the 27 kilometres of sandy beaches, the ports, the climate and its international acclaim are the main reasons for its year round tourist success.

Marbella is also well known for its mountainous region which is only a few kilometres away from the beach. Villages of Arab origin nestle on the slopes and should be visited. In the ruins of these villages you can experience the important civilization that inhabited Spain for eight centuries.

Marbella has become a clean, secure and beautiful town, offering a better quality of life to its visitors and inhabitants. In its constant search for new attractions, Marbella continues to progress, which places Marbella as the International City of Tourism.

You must visit Marbella yourself in order to be able to imagine how much nightlife can take place in such a small location.  There are charity galas, beauty contests, fashion shows and parties in discotheques, in hotels and aboard yachts where you’re never sure who´s going to be there. Marbella has a vibrant nightlife.

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